Capital Cuisine

I flew home from D.C. on Monday night and am now back in reality. But hey, it’s almost the end of the week already. Not to make you jealous or anything, but today is really like Friday for me, because I have tomorrow off too!

Three-day weekend followed by a three-day work week? I can get used to this.
I still have not shared much else about my trip, besides the ridiculous amount of cupcakes. But rest assured we ate much more than just cupcakes over the weekend.
Ryan took us to a local spot by his work on the Navy Yard. 
It was Saturday afternoon. The first Saturday of college football season. So we HAD to go to a sports bar to watch the Buckeye game. We were all dressed in our scarlet and gray ready for kickoff. 

….And ready to eat. Good thing the Bucks had a relatively easy game so it didn’t matter the food became a little distracting. 
I had a club sandwich on a ciabatta roll with tater tots. Their tots are apparently their name to fame, so I felt obligated to try them. 
Brooke got a burger with sweet potato fries. The tater tots were good, but the sweet potato fries were awesome. I had to swap a few of mine for a few of Brooke’s when she wasn’t looking.  
The Ugly Mug isn’t really in the most touristy spot, so it might not be the most convenient place to go if you’re visiting the city. I would recommend it if you’re nearby though.
One place you MUST go to is Ben’s Chili Bowl. You may have heard of it before. It’s been on the Food Network and has an interesting historical story behind it. We stopped by right before I had to get to the airport on Monday afternoon and the long line worried me that I wasn’t going to get to try it. But we stuck it out and ended up not being too rushed after all. It’s a tight little place for the amount of customers they get. It’s loud and a little on the warm side, but it’s all part of the atmosphere. You order at the counter and they bring your food to the table – almost instantly. 
A chili dog with potato chips and chili cheese fries on the side wouldn’t be complete without a vanilla milkshake to wash it down. I had been starving myself all morning knowing that I would be having this for lunch so it surprisingly didn’t make me feel as awful as I expected it might. After all, it was just one hot dog and we all split the fries. 

Not that this is a gourmet meal by any means, but the chili dog with a side of chips is only about $3.50. Not bad. And if you were wondering, the only people who eat for free here are Bill Cosby and the Obamas. That’s what the sign said anyway.
One night we got pizza for dinner from Bugsy’s. My dad has been raving about Bugsy’s since he visited Ryan a few months ago. And rightfully so. 
Ryan got a barbecue chicken pizza that was topped with roasted red peppers. Us girls split the Florentine Pizza- spinach, mozzarella and garlic. 
Both were just perfect. The crust was so thick and soft. There wasn’t too much sauce, which automatically gives it a few extra points in my book. 
That basically wraps up the highlights of the trip. Oh wait. We were in D.C. weren’t we? Only the capital of the country for heavens sake. So in case you’re curious, we got our share of sight-seeing in too.
Are you sick of me talking about D.C. yet? I understand if you are. I’ll stop now.
I have some great recipes planned to cook this weekend. Can’t wait to share!

3 thoughts on “Capital Cuisine

  1. My favorite issue of your blog too because it contains pics of my favorite people! Food and Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument look good too.
    P.S. I would never pass up a sweet potato fry Brooke 🙂 let's find a good place in Columbus.


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