DC Cupcakes Galore, Part 2

I warned you this was coming…more cupcakes.
Like I said, it wasn’t planned. I was perfectly satisfied with the cupcakes from Georgetown and didn’t need anymore. Then we were walking around the streets of downtown D.C. and I happened to glance into the window of a bakery. I saw people biting into jumbo, colorful cupcakes and I instantly had to know what that place was. I looked up at the awning to see the name of another relatively famous place – Crumbs Bake Shop. 
We were already on our way to lunch, so now I was going to have to be sure and save room for dessert. Because I was coming back. And once again, dragging my family with me.
Good thing we did.
The cupcakes from Crumbs were almost twice the size of the ones from Georgetown Cupcake (although they were more expensive too). We ended up getting pretty similar flavors though, besides the addition of Red Velvet. That one was the best. We also got the “Good Guy” (similar to funfetti), Peanut Butter Cup and Cookie Dough. 
These were all decorated so well and the their size made them even more appealing than the ones at Georgetown Cupcake. Like I said, the Red Velvet was awesome and the Good Guy sure lived up to his name. He really should be called the Very Good Guy. The icing, sprinkles and white chocolate drizzle made it taste like a donut. Mmmm. 
As much as I loved cookie dough by itself or as an add-in for ice cream, as a cupcake flavor it just doesn’t do it for me. 
I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I may just be cupcaked out for a little while. 
Time to start planning some light and nutritious meals for the rest of the week to make up for the weekend!
Crumbs Bake Shop on Urbanspoon

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