I Heart Chicken.

This weekend went too quickly for me. How about you?

The hurricane, or lack thereof, came and went, leaving behind this gorgeous sunset on Friday night.

This was the extent of the damage…

And life goes on. On to dinnertime that is! I had already been snacking on these all night, so I wasn’t too hungry. But Greg was. And Greg wanted Mexican. So Greg got….Mexican.
We had been wanting to try a place nearby called Rio Grande, so that’s where we went! By the time we got there, I managed to work up somewhat of an appetite. Frozen strawberry margarita, check. Chips and salsa, check. 
Burritos Deluxe, CHECK! This consists of two burritos, one filled with chicken, one filled with beef. The burritos are topped with red sauce and served with guacamole salad (very original!) and beans or rice. I got beans. Rio Grande was a hit and I will be back. The service was good and the food was better. I couldn’t finish it all, but it makes a great lunch the following day!
On Saturday, I slept in as late as I could…about 8:30ish. Woohoo! Without having many plans for the day, I made myself go to the gym. A three mile jog and a few sets of weight lifting later, I came back home and treated myself to another one of these for breakfast. 
I was feeling crafty, so decided to take a trip to Michael’s. I picked up some fun, random things like a paint brush to finish a painting I started awhile ago and a cute little tin to store/transport some of my baked creations. 
By the time I was done with my errands, lunch was calling my name. Thank goodness for that Chick-Fil-A right across the street. I needed that Southwest Chargrilled Salad stat!
I admit, eating healthfully can get boring at times. And it can be hard not to order a crispy chicken sandwich and the best waffle fries EVER. But, I honestly think I could eat this salad everyday. Ok fine, every OTHER day. 

Only under one condition, though. I must have it with the Berry Balsamic Vinaigrette. This stuff is Uh. May. Zing.

This salad is topped with (somewhat) spicy grilled chicken, corn, black beans, tomatoes, cheese, and carrots. So many flavors and textures and it always fills me up. For only 310 calories including the dressing, you really can’t get much better than that.
I love me some Chick-Fil-A. Maybe not as much as some of my fellow blogger friends :), but I do love it. My mouth was watering the whole car ride home while this salad sat in the passenger seat beside me. I  forced myself to wait until I got home, because I knew I would make a mess in the car otherwise. Somehow, I did it. And it was well worth the wait. 
To sum up the rest of the weekend, let’s just say it included more scones for breakfast (and dessert) and more chicken for dinner. I’m probably going to turn into a scone…or maybe a chicken. A chicken scone? Ew, I hope not. 
Before I go, look at this shirt I found while shopping this weekend…
I thought it was cute, but A) I definitely don’t have the personality to wear something like this in public, and B) Unless ‘Everybody’ means ‘family and a few random friends’ than it hardly applies to me anyway 🙂 
Have a great week, ‘Everybody’! 


3 thoughts on “I Heart Chicken.

  1. OMG, did you buy the shirt?! I HAVE IT TOO! HAHA! It's so silly and I have no idea where I'm going to wear it, but I couldn't resist buying it. Ahhh, you know I could eat that salad every day too. Sooooooo good. I guess that's where we will be meeting for lunch! haha!


  2. Lucky me on two counts, this blog and a new Chick-Fil-A walking distance from home! I must try that salad and today sounds just right.
    “Write it and they will read it”……'Everybody' is increasing and your blog makes 'Thisbody's' day brighter! Keep on keepin on please! 🙂


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