Sunday Blessings – Rejoice and Be Glad

“This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad…” -Psalm 118:24

I am rejoicing and being glad today, are you?

I have no particular reason, except that, like the verse says, this is the Lord’s day. Even when it seems there is nothing else to be thankful for or happy about, it is still a new day that God has blessed us with. Being alive in itself is reason to thank God and rejoice!

This is easier said than done, trust me I understand that. But today I am going to take that verse for everything it’s worth and be happy! I really don’t have anything to be unhappy about anyway.

I just finished eating one of these with my cup of coffee and now am heading to church. For the rest of the day? I have nothing planned! Maybe I’ll go to the pool. Maybe I’ll read a book. Maybe even take a nap. Rough day, huh?

Hey, this is what weekends are for!

I will probably take pictures on my phone to play with my new app too. How cool are these pictures??

Love it.
It does take foreverrr to do this though. Well, maybe this cookie picture was just a hard one, because there were so many little dots. It probably took me 45 minutes. Not kidding.
Have a great day!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Blessings – Rejoice and Be Glad

  1. I'm with you Nitny, yesterday is a cancelled check, tomorrow only a Promise. Today is what it's all about…….I choose like you to live in the Presence and recognize the Gift and be grateful and happy. Not always easy but everything gets better with practice.
    Your words today make it very easy for me to be Grateful. Thanks & love!


  2. Omg you are incredible! I don't know how you got so much smarter than me since we grew up in the same house but you did. This is going to be a very happy day because of your message. Love you sis!


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