Day-Off, Bake-Off!

I have the day off!!! Yessss! I have needed this sooo badly. Since I worked last Sunday, I got the day off today and I couldn’t be in a better mood.

Besides waking up in a place where I can see this…

…Yes, that is really where I live 🙂 …I have some fun plans for the day and weekend. (I must give the sunrise photography credit to Greg, I was still sleeping away)
After I grabbed some coffee from the clubhouse this morning using my favorite mug from Lost Dog Cafe (the BEST breakfast/brunch place in Charleston…too bad it’s on the complete other side of the city), I went to check the mail which I have neglected all week :/ My day was instantly even MORE great, because my second issue of Southern Living came!!

I’m really turning into a true Southerner, huh? Except the only reason I am getting these issues is because I signed up for a free trial subscription that only includes two issues. Well, I guess that was short lived…Unleessss I just forget to cancel the subscription and have to dish out $20. Hm…

I love reading about Southern food and recipes. And I think it’s so cool to read about Charleston, which is basically featured in every issue one way or another. 
For breakfast I made myself my new favorite thing. I feel like I am always saying everything is “my favorite” thing, but seriously, this is my new favorite breakfast.
Do you know what this is? Peanut butter and honey on an english muffin. O.M.G. 
The worst part of making this delicious thing is waiting for the muffin to toast! 

I used a whole-wheat english muffin, about 1 tablespoon of natural, creamy peanut butter, and drizzled some honey on top. Since I looovvee salt (probably too much), I even sprinkled a dash of sea salt over the muffin. Yum.
I always try to keep my breakfast as healthy as possible, because I feel so much better when I start my day with fiber and protein…not full of sugar. The honey is sweet, but not overpowering. 
Now it’s time to get on with my day! I have a lot of baking ahead of me. I only know of one recipe that I am making so far. I need to flip through my recipe collection and pick one or two more. Since I have the entire day to myself, I really want to enjoy my time in the kitchen. 
I bought a new cake pan yesterday for the one recipe I know I’m making. It’s still a secret. But I’ll give you a hint….It’s a dessert. Involving white chocolate. And a whole lot more. I’ll be using my new pan too. But you will have to wait and see what it is! 

I also finally bought frosting tips! I’ve desperately needed these for my cupcakes. Can’t wait to use them!

I hope everyone has a great Friday! If you need me, you know where you can find me….the kitchen, remember? Well, I might take a pool break too 🙂
See ya!
Oh, and P.S…It’s my brother Austin’s 24th birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUSTIN! I love you and miss you! 


One thought on “Day-Off, Bake-Off!

  1. That muffin sure looks good but I thought you were going to say peanut butter and……Nutella! Few more calories than honey but a muffin has 2 sides so I might just have to taste test honey vs. Nutella! 🙂 Hope your day was the best!


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