Sunday Blessings – Mountains and Valleys

“You must go through the valley to stand upon the mountain of God…” -Third Day, Mountain of God lyrics

I heard this song on the radio and sang along to the lyrics with a smile on my face. It is so true.

Nothing makes me happier (no, not even those donuts I made yesterday) than when I can hear God speaking directly to me and this was one of those times. Not that I enjoy losing a friend or spraining an ankle, but these are necessary pains we all must deal with. Without going through difficult trials, you cannot appreciate the good times. Little things in life, like a relaxing evening walk along the river or sitting around the kitchen table with family, have seemed especially uplifting after being stuck in a valley for a couple of weeks. Even these little things can bring you to the top of a mountain.

Just like Greg and I were when we went camping in the mountains of NC with his parents a couple years ago!

Hey- this even relates to food! Let’s just say not all that I cook or bake turns out well. Sometimes I spend so much time in the kitchen all for nothing but an inedible mess to clean up. Or maybe it’s edible…but makes you uncontrollably squint your face and want to spit it out. Like that dang first pancake….I burn it EVERY time! Practice makes perfect 🙂 The kitchen disasters make that perfectly cooked chicken or decadently frosted chocolate cupcake sooo much better!

Sometimes you can even turn a mess of a situation into something just as good. Like this cake, for example.

If you can’t tell, that pink part of the heart is a huge hole in the cake! No this was not on purpose at all. A couple of years ago, my friend Katelyn and I were baking this two-layer cake. For some reason, one of the layers didn’t cook all the way through like the other. After briefly being upset, I solved the problem by just cutting out the raw middle! We had a lot more fun with it this way than if it was baked like we planned it. 

Life is about the struggles and challenges you are faced with. If you never had to deal with anything truly bad in life, how would you be able to notice when something good happened?

There is no avoiding it. Pain is part of life. Accept it, pray about it, deal with it, and keep reaching the top of the mountain 🙂

Ok, I feel like breaking into Miley Cyrus now….It’s all about, It’s all about the climb!!!!

…That’s embarrassing haha. I’m done now.

Happy Sunday!


2 thoughts on “Sunday Blessings – Mountains and Valleys

  1. You are beautiful in thought and deed Brittany because He Shines through you! Your attitude is inspiring and your example of 'fallen cake' to 'life's challenges' is right on….but even now when the 'soufle falls' I still have to remind myself I have a Choice to Accept the things I cannot change or get frustrated.
    Your Blog fuels me everyday 🙂


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