Join Me For a Margarita

Happy Friday!

I have been in such a good mood today! I don’t know why, but I’m not complaining. I feel like I am usually a pretty happy, upbeat person, but I always love being in an EXTRA good mood. Part of it is because it’s Friday. Part of it is because I worked out early this morning, which always puts me in a good mood from the start. The other parts? Well, I guess God just felt like really showing His love to me today.

It has been a crazyyy busy week for me and I haven’t been able to spend much time in the kitchen 😦

Instead of a recipe, today I will give you a glimpse of random events in my life from this week via pictures 🙂

One of my favorite cereals. Butttt only when it’s BOGO, otherwise, too expensive.

Snuggle time with my bestest friend and sister who lives way too far away. I can’t get enough of her!

Nutella-Banana Bread at it’s finest. Ok, maybe not it’s finest. But it looks fun, huh?
With my lovely boyfrien’ at Wild Wing Cafe.
Don’t mess with me while I’m eating my chicken wings. 
Girls night at the bed and breakfast! Things got crazy…
Ok, not really. 
Looks better than it was….sometimes less is more and in this case, I went a little overboard with the toppings. 
But in this case, MORE is more. This giant red velvet cupcake was the highlight of my week.

Our hot ride for the night while Greg’s car was getting fixed. He really wanted to go on a date (but not to be with me, just to drive this thing around I’m sure!). But who am I to deny him of that?

This is where I live. It’s kinda pretty. 
And this is really pretty. The perfect way to end my week.
The end. 
Now for the weekend! I really don’t have much of a weekend though, because I am babysitting tomorrow night and working Sunday, but I’m going to fully enjoy the next 24 hours of freedom! I hope you do too!


2 thoughts on “Join Me For a Margarita

  1. Can't think of a better 'nightcap' than reading your blog! And seeing these beautiful pictures especially of B&B&G assures I will sleep with a smile on my face! Goodnight my Lovlies, sleep with the Angels! Catch you mañana 🙂


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