Sunday Blessings – Tumble of Faith

It has been one week since I started this blog. I started off with a Bible verse last Sunday, and have decided to dedicate one post every week to really “count my cupcakes” (read: blessings). I don’t know the direction these posts will take week after week, but whether it relates to food/cooking/baking or not, I want to use this blog as an outlet for giving my thanks to God. Here it goes!
“Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong.” 1 Corinthians 16:13 

Of all things death of a close friend has taught me, faith stands out the most. I have had to have faith that Morgan is in a better, happier place. I have had to have faith that God will keep me strong and help all who have been affected by this loss accept it and move on. Faith is powerful. Faith the reason I have been able to start smiling again.

One of the reasons I am smiling is because my mom and Brooke got in town late last night, shortly after I got back home myself from D.C. I am so excited to have them here for a few days. It’s just what I need to help keep me strong during this difficult time.

When we all woke up this morning, we decided to go on a short family jog to start our day off right. Well, about five minutes in, my clumsy self tripped over a rock (completely camouflaged with the gravel path). My ankle twisted and I fell to the ground. Yup. Go ahead and laugh. Everyone else did. Thankfully, it actually wasn’t too bad of a fall and I managed to walk back home, scrapped knees and all. Except now my ankle is completely swollen and I have a bad feeling I’m going to be very sore in the morning. Ugh. 
The readings and homily at church this morning were about the story of Jesus walking on water. Those readings emphasized the importance of always trusting God. Whether it’s overcoming the emotional pain of losing a friend or the physical pain of twisting an ankle, He can help us get through anything. 
God’s brilliant plan for our lives brought my mom and Brooke here on the same weekend I needed them most. That is one blessing I can count.
Another? How about this….
A Trader Joe’s bag FULL of goodies from my mom. Some things in the bag- Vanilla wafers, chocolate covered caramels, pistachios, dark chocolate bars, tomato sauce, pasta, kettle corn and more!
She’s giving me gifts on her birthday (Happy birthday Mom!!). Yeah, you could say I feel pretty blessed to have a mother who is so thoughtful and caring that she wanted to contribute to my TJ experience and brought me this food-lovers bag. Loveitsomuch. 
Now I am enjoying a relaxing Sunday evening surrounded by people I love. Life is good.
Well, I could do without the sprained ankle and cuts like a five year old, but at least everyone got a good laugh. 
How did you spend your Sunday?

2 thoughts on “Sunday Blessings – Tumble of Faith

  1. Britt, God has a very BIG purpose for you and you obviously respond with the only way He wants us all to respond….”I accept and I am available”!
    May your Boo-Boo heal fast!


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